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We are a specialist bat consultancy. The ecological consultancy practices established by Dr Peter Smith in 1994 and by Sheelagh Kerry in 1997 were incorporated as Smith Ecology Ltd. in 2002. Click for more About Us.


Contracts carried out include the following areas of work:

 Surveys to find bat roosts, foraging areas and commuting routes


 Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) of proposed developments on bats


 Mitigation Plans to moderate effects of development on bats and to sustain local populations


 Management of bat issues under Natural England (NE) and Natural Resources Wales (NRW) development licences concerning protected species


 Bat Research including radio tracking studies


We have the skills and equipment required to undertake:

 Surveys of bats in buildings and other structures such as bridges


 Underground surveys: we regularly survey for bats in caves, including difficult sites involving long and/or arduous trips


 Bat detector surveys: calls are recorded and analysed on computer to assist with identification of species


 Mist netting, harp trapping and use of ultrasonic lure: these techniques are sometimes required to capture bats for identification and/ or marking


 Radio tracking: used to discover foraging areas and roosts


Clients include:

 Commercial Developers


 Natural Resources Wales


 Natural England


 Local Authorities

Ecological Consultancy